Bared to You

Oh god no, not another cheesy sex book about a domineering super-alpha male and a girl self esteem issues.

As if Fifty Shades of Grey weren’t bad enough, Sylvia Day had to write her own trilogy of bawd: The Crossfire Trilogy, boasting titles like Bared to You – already out – Reflected in You, and Entwined with You – expected to be released October and December 2012 respectively. Talk about the industrialization of mom porn.

At least one blogger seems to have raved about it, so I’m suspending judgement until I’ve actually read the thing. But to be perfectly frank, I think I might be giving this a pass. If even a quarter of the buzz surrounding this book is true, then it really just is an escalation of Fifty. Considering that I nearly bled to death from eyes reading Fifty, I doubt I would survive BTY.

Still, I suppose one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, so, we’ll see where I go with this. In the meantime, speaking of covers – just in case you missed the ideological relationship between BTY and Fifty, look at the cover art.

Neckties and Cufflinks. Get it? Both are items of male apparel. But where ties are pedestrian – no matter if they’re made of silk or whatever – cuff links signal a man of distinction, wealth, and taste. After all, men’s shirts with no buttons just button holes are not commonly sold ready-to-wear, and are more often in bespoke shirts. So, Gideon Cross – why do these novels all have such funky last names for their protagonists? – is apparently quite a bit more sophisticated than Christian Grey. Or at least that’s what the author wants to imply; a ridiculous game of one-upsmanship played out on book covers.