Now it’s Pia Cayetano that’s being accused of plagiarism.

Funny how people sometimes tend to burn themselves and their allies in their overweening desire to push every advantage to the limit. Funnier too how people who’ve been lambasting Sotto for plagiarism have suddenly tacked differently in the last few hours. Gone are most of the vicious tweets, to be replaced with affirmations of the pretty Senator.

It’s sad really, that Cayetano is now being challenged to prove that she isn’t cut from the same cloth as Sotto, but if it is true that she joined the chorus against the man, then I guess she has no choice except to face the music herself. For the record, I think that in both cases, the plagiarism angle seriously distracts from the more important aspects of their respective positions. She, health and so on; he, the fact that the Pill has harmful effects which cannot be lightly brushed aside by adherents of a bill which, if passed into law, would essentially promote its use. For crying out loud, meds have been taken off the market for less evidence of harmful side effects than the evidence available for the Pill’s known dangers.

I suggest we get over it. If the plagiarism of these two Senators rankles too much, then just don’t vote for them the next time. For now, though, opponents of the RH bill should just focus their efforts on attempting to water down the bill with amendments, and proponents should just keep calm and carry on.

Oops. Those last five words weren’t mine. Just in case anyone’s checking. LOL

By the way.

So THAT’S why you’ve been promoting that  restaurant on Bonifacio High Street so tirelessly, you snarky devil, you. LOL


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